A Miscommunication in Japan

In Japan, there have been many miscommunications because of language barriers and translation. When Asian students or travellers come to Canada or the United States they hear the word “fuck” a lot. The word is thrown around by North Americans on the street just as much as any other word. This then gives the impression that this word is okay to use anywhere, even as restuarant names. There have been many times when people are walking down the street in Japan and have seen signs to restaurants saying “Fuckin Good Burgers”, or “Fuckin Fresh and Delicious”. Since North Americans only use it around the streets with friends, and not at church or infront of grandparents, Japanese people are believed to think that the word is not filthy. The denotation for the word “fuck” is either sexual intercourse or it is used as slang, though most of the time the connotation of the word is used in a variety of ways that sound less harsh and not as rude. Much like  “Fuckin Fresh ad Delicious”.    This is an example of what people might see in the streets of Japan.

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One thought on “A Miscommunication in Japan

  1. Paige, I found this topic quite interesting and I became curious to see what kind of examples existed. With doing a quick search it was evident that this frequently happens within Japan. One example that stood out to me vividly due to the ironic scenario that it created was with a Boxing Day sale for a Japanese store in Osaka. The stores sales signs clearly read, “Fuckin’SALE all 20% off” I found this hilarious as this is a sale preluding the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ; an iconic religious figure. I could not help but laugh at the use of this word to depict a bargain at a clothing store within an Osaka shopping mall. Though I could not help but think that the owners and marketers of this store cannot really be at fault for the slander used in their sale; as we individuals that English is our first language throw this word around so loosely into day to day conversations. I am now curious to see how many other taboo words of the English language have taken on a second meaning due to our loose lips in depicting the words. The slander that was used during this sale though still did cause me a good chuckle and I’m glad you wrote about this topic!

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