Beatles Snub President


In 1966, the Beatles had a concert in Manila, Philippines which resulted to them being banned from the country. There was miscommunication between the First family and the Beatles. Ramon Ramos the promoter from the Philippines, failed to inform the manager that The Beatles were invited to play at “official/political” party until a day before the performance. Everything was last minute and was not booked properly.  Due to past experiences the Beatles decided that they will never play at parties hosted by officials and politicians, so they declined the invitation. On the day of the event they were informed they are supposed to be at the breakfast reception.  The reception was at the Presidential Palace hosted by the first lady, Imelda Marcos. I don’t think that Ramon Ramos informed the first family that the Beatles had declined there offer, so when they did not attend, it seemed like they stood up the first family. Thousands of people were waiting for them and the Beatles did not show up. This was a big slap to the first family because there was not suppose to be a decline to the invitation. It was all over the news paper that the Beatles had stood up the first family, which made everyone in the Manila furious. While leaving to the airport to leave the country, hundreds of angry fans stood outside the airport with disapproval. They ended up not being paid for the concerts that they had preformed. Many angry letters and calls were made to the United Kingdom from the Philippines about The Beatles and the disrespect. I think if the manager and Philippine promoter communicated better, then this incident would not have blown out of proportion and The Beatles would be allowed back to the Philippines. In my opinion, I don’t believe that a band or celebrity has to play at an event just because a dictator or a public figure is asking them to. I believe that everyone has a choice of who they want to play for or how they want to do it. I do understand that the community and the first family has a right to be mad because they thought the Beatles knew about this event, confirmed to play and decided not to show up on purpose. In this situation they already did decline the offer a day before but the first family was failed to be informed. I don’t think that The Beatles meant to disrespect or stood up the first family, but because of the barrier of understanding made the situation seem worst than it was. Miscommunication happens in other countries because everyone has a different way of thinking and the people have different rules and laws. In the United kingdom it may be okay to decline the offer of a public figure’s event, but in Philippines its considered an insult and is not allowed. This tragic event will be in history and remembered by the Philippines and Beatles forever.

One thought on “Beatles Snub President

  1. From reading your blog, I realize that in fact, miscommunication does happen in our daily lives if we come to think of it. To be honest, the instance you have mentioned, the Beatles being banned from Manila, doesn’t seem like a miscommunication for me. Mainly because it is quite normal for things like this to happen: the message is not delivered or received incorrectly, but then, when I think it thoroughly, this IS a kind of miscommunication! And it happens all around us too! I can recall there was once my friend invited me to her house to sleepover; she phoned me around 8 PM ish and I told her on the phone that I will be there at 10 o’clock. Somehow she thought I was going to be at her house in 10 minutes…….. So she was pretty mad at me when I got there…. I had to explain over and over and kept apologizing to her. Now that I think of it, it’s actually quite funny . How interesting miscommunication is able to lead us to! This especially can be applied to those times when we travel around; different languages, different cultures, different traditions and different people always give us the feeling of miscommunication. These differences are the factor that creates the different meaning of every little thing, and therefore, we can always find the same thing could have given totally opposite understanding to different individuals.

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