Egyptian Vacation?


I have always been interested in visiting Egypt, mostly to see the Pyramids, learn about the history of the Egyptians, and to see a part of Africa. I have learned about the pyramids, the sphinx and Cleopatra all through elementary school and a little as a grade eight in high school, therefore all I knew about Egypt was the famous landmarks and people who lived in ancient Egypt. No one I knew when I was younger had visited Egypt so I could not even ask my friends what it was really like. Until I saw Egypt on a travel show in grade 8, I always thought the grand pyramids were in the middle of the dessert, untouched by tourists, and preserved by the native Egyptians. I found out that was not the case, the pyramids are in the center of a city called Cairo, and are bordered by pizza huts and housing. The sand around the pyramids is covered in garbage and does not look like it does in the post cards. Later on in my high school years I met a girl who was Egyptian, but had moved here when she was four, so she did not really know what Egypt was like. She went later on to visit her relatives, but went to a poor village where she was from, she never saw the pyramids, visited Cario, or went to the tourist attractions. This did not give me any indication of what the tourist part of Egypt was really like, because I had never experienced anyone who has been there. Now that I am older, all I hear about Egypt is on the news, and it is plastered with war and violence. The news has covered stories about Mubarak being the dictator of Egypt and the army siding with the people over Mubarak and finally he was forced out of the county. The army was then in control of the government, and promised the people an election.  They had an election and Morsi won, creating a “new democracy.” In between all of the army and elections, there were many riots that were shown on the news and in the newspapers. Replacing the beautiful pictures of what I had been taught about Egypt and filling them with guns and riots. Either the country itself has changed in the time span of my childhood, into a place with more violence, or because I didn’t watch the news or read newspapers as a child, I had no clue what Egypt was really like. So the only way to really know for myself what Egypt is really like is to go to there myself and see. Therefore now I am stuck with the choice of going to Egypt to explore what I had wanted to as a child, or believe what the media is showing me and maybe pick a different destination for my long awaited vacation.


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