North Korea

North Korea is the best example for having a controlled media by the political party. We all have an idea about what is going on in the country but no one really knows the truth. I wanted to learn more about it, so I tried to find as much information and attractions I can. When you search up North Korea on the internet and how the travelling works, there aren’t many websites that show us what is great about the country. There are photos of black and white buildings and some blogs people have that talk about their own experiences but it’s hard to find any information or photos of how it really looks like.

Travelers are allowed to come into the country, but the North Koreans are not allowed out. We only know what the political party tell us which is usually not the truth but we find the truth from the very few lucky people that were able to escape the country. It is truly tragic and breaks my heart to hear about what they have to go through and how they lived there lives in North Korea. They talk about how they are taught to love their leaders and to put their leaders before anyone else at a very young age. There was a very sad story, about a young boy that over heard his mother and brother talking about escaping. He was taught that if you hear anything about running away or anything of that sort than you have to tell your teachers and you will be rewarded with food. He didn’t know what the consequences would be and he didn’t really think anything of it. His mother and brother were murdered in front of his face and he didn’t get rewarded. They don’t know anything that is going on outside of North Korea, because they aren’t allowed to communicate with anyone outside. There is no internet, television that has broad castings from outside North Korea, cell phones and radio. They have television and radio that brainwashes them even more about how the political party is great and to love your country. They eat very little with hardly any nutrition. The worst of it all is if they do something bad or were born in the wrong family they are sent to a camp. In these camps they are tortured, treated brutally and are basically slaves that work all day. These camps has no television at all and receive even less food than the normal people get.

I have always been very fascinated by North Korea because I believe that it would be a great experience to gain. I’ve read a few blog about different people traveling to North Korea, and many of them said the same things. To go to North Korea, you have to travel through a tour company; they will not allow you to travel on your own. They say that once you arrive on the plane, the sturdiest tries to get information out of you by asking plenty of questions about what do you do, why you are travelling to North Korea, what did you bring, how long you are staying and the list goes on. He said that once landed any phones or laptops are not allowed in the country, so they have to leave them at the airport. I think this is very scary because what if anything happens to you, how are you suppose to contact for help or even communicate with the outside world. That is the whole point; they don’t want you to communicate with the world. They also talk about how you are not allowed to take photos of the people but only photos of yourself and the background; if you decide to and an officer sees you, you can go to jail. The tours are only allowed to show you certain parts of the main city but everything else is restricted area. Everything you do there you are being watched or patrolled. It raises the question of why is everything so secretive? what are they hiding?

It’s interesting because doesn’t this remind you of the novel 1984 or the NAZI period? We need to step in and help these people before its too late. Its sad to know that our government, countries around the world and even the United Nations have an idea of whats going on in North Korea but are just sitting there and allowing it to happen. We need to learn our mistakes from the past and to prevent these things from happening again!


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