Traditional Chinese massage

idiot abroad is a show that I currently follow which I believe portrays several miscommunications when it comes to traveling.  An episode which clearly depicts a lack of understanding is when the idiot abroad (Karl Pilkington) visits China.  The scene that I found quite entertaining is when Karl has an appointment with a massage therapist to receive a traditional Chinese massage.  Expecting the European treatment of being seated in a massage bed with scented oils and candles, Karl is actually “relaxed” with flaming oils and cloths. While he is being patted and smothered down with flaming cloths Karl cannot become frantic and twitchy.  From receiving this version of a massage Karl has received quite the opposite of what he initially thought he would be experiencing.  The denotation that exists is depicted in Karl’s definition of what a massage is and how it is performed which varies from what a traditional Chinese massage is and how it is presented.  This scene acts as perfect miscommunications between two different cultures and how expectations are when traveling may not always match the believed outcome